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We think like owners, because we are

The reliable and trustworthy partner to embrace your culture and drive results.

Our main focus is on bringing you the best operational management, financial success and complete transparency. We are the industry leaders in high performance outcomes, well-trained associates, and high ethical standards. We’re proud to have 100% financial turnaround success at every fitness center transition we manage.

The only management company that combines experience operating high-end retail health clubs with managing fitness centers focused on member attraction and retention.

All of the experience, resources, research and development we provide stem from the investment we make in our owned Midtown Athletic Clubs to be the leaders in their market. Other fitness center management companies limit or defer these expenses to their managed club clients as their only source of revenue.

Keep the focus on your core business. Partner with Midtown Heath and find financial success and peace of mind.

Cross-industry service offerings

We want your fitness center to be as profitable and successful as possible. To make sure that happens, we partner with health system executives and building owners/managers to assess the current state, unique cultural considerations, and goals. We then devise plans that guarantee smooth operations, along with high engagement.

  • Project definition & scope
  • Feasibility study
  • Planning & design
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Financial analysis
  • Pre-opening action plan

We implement the same operational best practices for our clients’ fitness centers that we do for our own international portfolio of sports resorts, the Midtown Athletic Clubs. Our industry expertise helps clients identify key operation improvement areas. We then position you for success through industry-leading processes, services, and programs.

  • Financial management
  • HR & benefits management
  • Central Purchasing
  • Insurance / Risk management
  • Member communication management

Our philosophy for continued success is rooted in team trust and the belief that only engaged associates can build and maintain exceptional experiences, which ultimately drive stand-out results.

We demonstrate our investment in our associates through Midtown University, which includes a comprehensive customer service training and personal development course designed in partnership with the Ritz-Carlton.

Our training program is an essential part of creating excellence and continuity across all Midtown-managed centers. This allows us to attract the indusry’s top talent thanks to our training, support, and succession planning.

Other essential training areas include:

  • Creating a culture of service and sales
  • Fitness professional certification and continuing educations credits
  • Member engagement optimization

While we focus on operational excellence, we understand the essential role new member engagement plays in fueling growth and utilization metrics. In order to reach new prospects, we bring traditional and novel approaches to drive awareness and enrollment.

Services include:

  • Website optimization
  • Social media analytics analysis
  • Email marketing

Healthcare service offerings

We continually work with our health system partners to find ways to maximize your center’s effectiveness in improving patient outcomes and increasing club profitability. In addition to our specialization in Medically Integrated Programming designed to reduce patient risks and improve overall member health, Midtown excels in serving as the front door to the health system’s line of services.

  • Customized rehabilitation programming
  • Lifestyle programming for managing chronic conditions and improving community health
  • Disease management and prevention programs
  • Health-risk reduction and therapeutic-lifestyle programs
  • Individualized health screening
  • Testing and outcome tracking

Technology enables us and our partners to strengthen member relationships by creating more convenient, communicative, and progress-oriented interactions.

Our HIPAA-compliant software platform can integrate with our health system Partners EHRs, enabling referral management and bidirectional feedback that can update health data and progress into patient notes.

We create customized apps for our partners that focus on fun, interactive programming around whole person health to increase member communication and engagement, while further connecting the member to the health system.

corporate service offerings

It’s our priority to help our corporate partners improve employee wellness and drive fitness center utilization. As an industry pioneer in embracing our clients’ culture through innovative programming, we inspire members to take part and stay engaged.

Our certified professional coaches, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists have the knowledge and interpersonal skills to take your employee’s health to the next level.

Program offerings/examples:

  • POW – Pathways of Wellness
  • Well-being coach Q&A
  • Healthy lifestyle

We partner with participating human resources departments to organize well-being initiatives, fitness challenges and engaging events that promote a healthy team culture.

  • Recreational leagues and tournaments
  • Clubs within a club
  • Fundraiser support

A healthier workforce improves employee productivity and job satisfaction. At Midtown, we offer our partners health education programming and preventative resources by nurturing a health-minded culture and promoting long-term wellness.

We know that having a high-functioning fitness center can offer a lot of value in recruiting prospective employees who seek wellness-minded perks and work environments that enable activity.

Services include:

  • Health fair coordination
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Biometric screening
  • Weight loss support groups
  • Ergonomic, stretching and postural training
  • Stretch breaks
  • Blood drive coordination
  • Flu shots
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