Health Systems


Consider us the front door to your health system’s care continuum. We help promote physicians and resources. Connect consumers to the care they need. And we do it all through strategic medical integration.

Your wellness center can be profitable.
It should be.

If not, we’ll find out how to help you get there. We’ve done so time and time again. In fact, we have 100% financial turnaround success in every fitness center transition we’ve managed. We place a high value on bringing you results with transparency, integrity, and a long-term partnership in mind.

Our Process

We’re passionate about staying ahead of the trends. We will champion your facility through this lens. When it comes to programming, service, and facilities we can:

Develop and design community wellness programs that interface with your EHR providing your physicians with HIPAA-compliant patient data

Establish medical advisory committees with physicians to vet programs that show evidence-based outcomes

Provide customer service training to enhance the member experience

All of these efforts allow us to pay close attention to member well-being, while helping to improve your wellness center’s bottom line.

Midtown Quote

Every part of the transition to Midtown management was handled with expertise and with the true spirit of collaboration.

– Joan Phillips, Vice President of Clinical Support Services, Beaumont Health System


Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ health facilities are as profitable and successful as possible—in doing so Midtown Health’s planning consultants partner with health system operators and building owners/managers to assess the current state, unique cultural considerations, and short vs. long-term goals to devise plans that guarantee smooth operations, high engagement.

  • Project definition & Scope
  • Feasibility study
  • Planning & Design
  • Financial Analysis
  • Pre-opening action plan

We implement the same operational best practices for our clients’ fitness centers that we do for our own international portfolio of sports resorts, the Midtown Athletic Clubs. Our industry expertise helps clients identify key operation improvement areas. We then position you for success through industry-leading processes, services, and programs.

  • Financial management
  • HR & benefits management
  • Central Purchasing
  • Insurance / Risk management
  • Member communication management

Our philosophy for continued success is rooted in team trust and the belief that only engaged associates can build and maintain exceptional experiences, which ultimately drive stand-out results.

We demonstrate our investment in our associates through Midtown University, which includes a comprehensive customer service training and personal development course designed in partnership with the Ritz-Carlton.

Our training program is an essential part of creating excellence and continuity across all Midtown-managed centers. This allows us to attract the indusry’s top talent thanks to our training, support, and succession planning.

Other essential training areas include:

  • Creating a culture of service and sales
  • Fitness professional certification and continuing educations credits
  • Member engagement optimization

While we focus on operational excellence, we understand the essential role new member engagement plays in fueling growth and utilization metrics. In order to reach new prospects, we bring traditional and novel approaches to drive awareness and enrollment.

Services include:

  • Website optimization
  • Social media analytics analysis
  • Email marketing

We continually work with our health system partners to find ways to maximize your center’s effectiveness in improving patient outcomes and increasing club profitability. In addition to our specialization in Medically Integrated Programming designed to reduce patient risks and improve overall member health, Midtown excels in serving as the front door to the health system’s line of services.

  • Customized rehabilitation programming
  • Lifestyle programming for managing chronic conditions and improving community health
  • Disease management and prevention programs
  • Health-risk reduction and therapeutic-lifestyle programs
  • Individualized health screening
  • Testing and outcome tracking

Technology enables us and our partners to strengthen member relationships by creating more convenient, communicative, and progress-oriented interactions.

Our HIPAA-compliant software platform can integrate with our health system partner’s EHRs, enabling referral management and bidirectional feedback that can update health data and progress into patient notes.

We create customized apps for our partners that focus on fun, interactive programming around whole person health to increase member communication and engagement, while further connecting the member to the health system.