fitness centers

Our Philosophy

Engagement. Productivity. Overall satisfaction. That’s how we measure success. We focus on your employees, both attracting and retaining them. This helps create low turnover and high morale for your company.

We collaborate with Human Resources to deliver programs and challenges, team building and social events, as well as health and well-being initiatives. When it comes to fitness center usage, our participation record is more than double the industry average. As owners and operators, we do for you what we do for ourselves in running a cost-effective operation that continuously evolves to bring success.

our process

Move more. Eat better. Manage stress. We want to make sure your employees can be their healthiest selves — which is why we match onsite staffing to support your corporate culture. We promote engagement and overall wellness. We “bring the fun,” as we like to say, by creating a welcoming and friendly environment. And who doesn’t want to work at a place where they like to be? We have exclusive/personal fitness programs, classes, and services that give your employees the tools they’ll need to improve their total well-being. All of which has a direct effect on your company’s health. And through best practices and implementation, your center’s fiscal health is always top of mind.

Maintain or improve your corporate culture.

Promote engagement and overall wellness.

“Bring the fun” by creating a welcoming and friendly environment.

Midtown Quote

Midtown understands the business. They were part of the design team and have managed the facility at our world headquarters since 1989, always exceeding our expectations.

– Joe Endress, VP Facilities & Systems, McDonald’s Corporation

Our Services

Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ health facilities are as profitable and successful a possible—in doing so Midtown Health’s planning consultants partner with health system operators and building owners/managers to assess the current state, unique cultural considerations, and short vs. long-term goals to devise plans that guarantee smooth operations, high engagement.

  • Project definition & scope
  • Feasibility study
  • Planning & design
  • Financial analysis
  • Pre-opening action plan

We implement the same operational best practices for our clients’ fitness centers that we do for our own international portfolio of sports resorts, the Midtown Athletic Clubs. Our industry expertise helps clients identify key operation improvement areas. We then position you for success through industry-leading processes, services, and programs.

  • Financial management
  • HR & benefits management
  • Central Purchasing
  • Insurance / Risk management
  • Member communication management

Our philosophy for continued success is rooted in team trust and the belief that only engaged associates can build and maintain exceptional experiences, which ultimately drive stand-out results.

We demonstrate our investment in our associates through Midtown University, which includes a comprehensive customer service training and personal development course designed in partnership with the Ritz-Carlton.

Our training program is an essential part of creating excellence and continuity across all Midtown-managed centers. This allows us to attract the indusry’s top talent thanks to our training, support, and succession planning.

Other essential training areas include:

  • Creating a culture of service and sales
  • Fitness professional certification and continuing education credits
  • Member engagement optimization

While we focus on operational excellence, we understand the essential role new member engagement plays in fueling growth and utilization metrics. In order to reach new prospects, we bring traditional and novel approaches to drive awareness and enrollment.

Services include:

  • Website optimization
  • Social media analytics analysis
  • Email marketing

It’s our priority to help our corporate partners improve employee wellness and drive fitness center utilization. As an industry pioneer in embracing our clients’ culture through innovative programming, we inspire members to take part and stay engaged.

Our certified professional coaches, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists have the knowledge and interpersonal skills to take your employee’s health to the next level.

Program offerings/examples:

  • POW – Pathways of Wellness
  • Well-being coach Q&A
  • Healthy Lifestyle

We partner with participating human resources departments to organize well-being initiatives, fitness challenges and engaging events that promote a healthy team culture.

  • Recreational leagues and tournaments
  • Clubs within a club
  • Fundraiser support

A healthier workforce improves employee productivity and job satisfaction. At Midtown, we offer our partners health education programming and preventative resources by nurturing a health-minded culture and promoting long-term wellness.

We know that having a high-functioning fitness center can offer a lot of value in recruiting prospective employees who seek wellness-minded perks and work environments that enable activity.

Services include:

  • Health fair coordination
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Biometric screening
  • Weight loss support groups
  • Ergonomic, stretching and postural training
  • Stretch breaks
  • Blood drive coordination
  • Flu shots