case study

Raising participation through programming


employee utilization rose from

28% to 42%


Before we came in, our client struggled to motivate its employees to use their corporate fitness center. We built a new management structure, streamlined the facility, and implemented a variety of modern and dynamic fitness programs to excite employees. Two years later, they saw a significant increase.


A corporate client had a small, on-site, hotel-like, fitness center that employees didn’t want to utilize.


Our client’s fitness center was impersonal and spartan. We transformed the previously unmanned facility and staffed it with highly engaging, Midtown-employed managers and trainers who prioritized member service and oversaw a facility remodeling. We rearranged the floorplan and made the locker rooms friendlier and more convenient.

Responding to employee demand, we implemented professionally led group exercise classes, personal and group training programs, intramural sports, and training clubs. To further formalize and organize the operation, we built a client branded app, which helped centralize information related to fitness programming, wellness screenings, challenges and all wellness initiatives.


Two years after managing and implementing new staff and programming, employee utilization rose from 28% to 42%.