case study

Integrating Fitness into Corporate Culture


100% Increase

in Employee utilization within 12 months


We helped shift company perception of an underappreciated facility by stoking active engagement and making it a more integral part of company culture. Within a year, employee engagement increased nearly 100%.


While this corporate fitness center stood idle, our client’s HR team built and managed a sophisticated points-based employee wellness program, designed to incentivize team members to engage in health and fitness outside of work hours.


Midtown identified a clear opportunity to drive utilization by weaving the corporate fitness center into its employee incentive program. In addition to health risk assessments and annual physical exams, employees engaged in the program were encouraged to access the corporate fitness center. To ensure that the fitness experience was enjoyable and impactful, Midtown developed a range of unique group classes, programs and events.


100% success. Employee engagement at the fitness center improved by nearly 100% in 12 months.